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In our download archive we provide you with various technical instructions, checklists, forms as well as software and drivers for our systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly using our contact form!

Inquiry form

We follow up every inquiry with interest and always endeavor to fully understand your application. The more information you give us, the greater the chance that you will receive a solution that exactly meets your needs.

The checklist will help you and us to ask the right questions.

Inquiry form


The following technical instructions are available:

The following operating instructions are available:

  • SmartPick™Quick Start Guide
  • SmartPick™Commissioning guide (INB)
  • SmartPick™Operating instructions
  • SmartPick™Safety instructions
  • SmartPick™Troubleshooting guide
  • SmartPick™Maintenance instructions


Error report

Our aim is to help you as quickly as possible if you have a problem with the magnet system. We will be able to support you if you provide us with as much detail as possible about the nature of the fault.

  • How often has the fault occurred?
  • Did you receive a warning or an alarm?

The error report will guide you through a few simple questions that do not require any special knowledge or tools. Pay close attention to the behavior of the solenoid system, answer the questions precisely and do not wait too long to complete the error report.

Download error report

General Terms of Contract

TRUNINGER's terms of delivery are identical to the general terms of delivery for machinery and equipment of the Swiss umbrella organization for the mechanical, electrical and metal industry SwissMEM. Download our general terms of contract here