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TRUNINGER Lifting Magnet Systems

Experience makes us a natural leader

Lifting magnet technology is the most efficient solution for lifting steel. TRUNINGER lifting magnet systems impress with enormous performance and outstanding safety standards: Featuring total redundancy from controls to magnet, our innovative and exceptionally safe technology sets standards worldwide.

Safety built-in

Safety begins with the design of spreader beams and magnets—and here TRUNINGER is leading the way: We optimize all performance parameters for their respective application and ensure the highest functional safety through many decades of experience and the use of digital simulation techniques. Our complete lifting magnet technology is produced in-house, high vertical integration guarantees Swiss quality down to the smallest detail.

Quality pays off in many years of operation. Maintenance-free or low-maintenance products and a professional service are the core of sustainably low operating costs of TRUNINGER magnet systems. Our customers can rely on a team of globally networked specialists, supported by a comprehensive spare part service, expert repairs and certified maintenance. In addition, we offer training for company employees, both for operators as well as maintenance personnel of the plant.

Why Lifting Magnet Systems?

Five reasons why you should count on lifting magnet technology.
  1. Improved safety: No personnel near moving loads.
  2. Better quality: No pressure marks or edge dents on your material.
  3. Higher storage density: No gaps between stacks as well as higher stacks. 
  4. Increased productivity: Picking and placing of loads is faster by factors.
  5. Cost savings: High turnover in the warehouse with minimal use of warehouse space, time and personnel.


TRUNINGER benefits.
  • Switching in very short time thanks to highly integrated electronic controls.
  • Wide range of materials covered by flexible magnet and beam designs.
  • Individual switching of magnets and fine tuning of their forces allows reliable picking of partial quantities and intermediate sizes.
  • Several spreader beams can also be operated on a single crane to further increase the spectrum of materials handled.
  • The design of the entire system can be redundant, from the magnet control to the cable routes to the magnets themselves, all electrical components are duplicated and mutually monitored.
  • The system is operated conveniently from the crane cab or from a radio remote control at the press of a button—this allows higher crane and handling speeds.
  • Wood and other intermediate layers can be saved.
  • Stack height limitations become obsolete: "stack height = man height" or climbing restrictions are eliminated.
  • Employees benefit from attractive workplaces thanks to high standards of comfort, safety and productivity.


Lifting magnet systems increase occupational safety.
  • No personnel necessary in the vicinity of material flow.
  • No aisles between material stacks needed.
  • No risky climbing on material stacks.
  • No manual work on sharp-edged and heavy material.


Lifting magnet systems can be found everywhere.

Whether in steel mills or steel stock holders, in the automotive industry, in logistics, in trading centres, ports or railroad stations: TRUNINGER lifting magnet systems are first choice for steel handling.

Based on 100 years of experience, we move beams, profiles, sheets, plates, tubes, coils, merchant and round bars, rebars, scrap metal and much more.

Move beams and profiles safely with TRUNINGER.

Beams and profiles

Space-efficient beam storage  …


Moving sheets gently with TRUNINGER


Separating sheets gently and moving them with ease …


Handling heavy plates safely with TRUNINGER


Moving several heavy plates in one lift ...


Moving sheet coils with TRUNINGER without damage

Sheet coils

Handling sheet coils safely and without any damage …


Storing tubes efficiently with TRUNINGER.


Stacking tubes up to six meters without any spacers in-between …


Moving merchant bars safely with TRUNINGER.

Merchant bars

Moving merchant bars efficiently and safely …


Moving round bars efficiently with TRUNINGER.

Round bars

Moving round bars efficiently …


Move rebars with TRUNINGER in one-man operation.


Increase your productivity—handling reinforcing bars in one-man operation …


Safe handling of billets, slabs, and beam blanks with TRUNINGER.

Billets, slabs, and beam blanks

Safely handling billets slabs, and beam blanks …


TRUNINGER ensures efficient scrap metal handling.


Robust, powerful, and reliable scrap handling …


Any magnet is only as strong as its spreader beam.

Types of spreaders

The right spreader beam warrants optimal work process.

Magnet types

Whatever you want to handle—we have the right magnet for you.

Systems and solutions

Magnet systems make material handling easier for you.

The QuickChange™ system allows the use of different magnet spreader beams on the same crane.


Removal of residual magnetism
Residual magnetism can cause problems in the downstream manufacturing process.


FE Method
Finite Element simulation helps to optimize magnet system design.


TRUNINGER systems combine a multitude of functions and elements for individual solutions.