More than half a century of experience in magnet lifting technology

Why use lifting magnets?

  • Increased safety - no need for extra personnel in or around the lifting zone 
  • Better handling quality - no pressure marks or damage to material edges
  • Higher storage density - no need for gaps between piles of material
  • Increased productivity - fast, reliable gripping and lifting of the load 
  • Cost saving - allows one-man operation and storage management


Why buy TRUNINGER magnet systems?

  • Safety first - magnet controller offers safety class 3 as standard 
  • Innovative technology - incorporates total redundancy from controller to magnets
  • Modern magnet design - optimisation of all performance parameters through FE simulation 
  • Complete in-house production - all magnet systems designed and manufactured in-house
  • Comprehensive spare parts service - minimal standardised spare parts sets available from stock
  • Professional maintenance - magnet systems maintained and certified by qualified technicians