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The advantages of lifting magnet technology
  • Increased safety: No personnel in the vicinity of handled loads.
  • Better quality: No print marks or edge dents on the material.
  • Higher storage density: No gaps between stacks of material. 
  • Increased productivity: Fast and reliable picking and placing of loads.
  • Cost savings: Manage warehouse in one-man operation or automatically.
Arguments for TRUNINGER lifting magnet systems
  • Improved safety: Standardized magnet controls pertaining to safety class 3.
  • Innovative technology: Complete redundancy—from controller to magnet.
  • Advanced magnet design: FE simulation warrants optimized performance.
  • High production depth: Complete in house production of all lifting magnet components.
  • Comprehensive spare parts service: Highly standardized spare parts are available from stock.
  • Professional maintenance: Certified magnet system maintenance.

Beams and profiles

Space-efficient beam storage


Separating sheets gently and moving them with ease


Moving several heavy plates in one lift

Sheet coils

Handling sheet coils reliably without any damage


Stacking tubes up to six meters without any spacers in-between

Merchant bars

Handling merchant bars intelligently and safely

Round bars

Moving and placing round bars efficiently


Increase productivity—one-man rebar handling

Billets, slabs and beam blanks

Handling billets, slabs, and beam blanks safely


Robust, powerful and safe solutions

Our mission

Tons of loads – lifted with ease. TRUNINGER offers unique and ground-breaking solutions: Inspiring Lifting Technology.