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When working with plates, the focus is on efficient storage, optimal use of the available space and safe handling. In close cooperation with our customers, we design our installations accordingly. Developing individual concepts, we ensure that all requirements are met to the dot and life cycle costs remain low.



Our magnet equipment for plates is used in steel mills, in warehouses, ports or for loading and unloading of cutting machine tables.
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Plate transport in steel mills

Mill applications

In steel mills, TRUNINGER magnet systems can be used straight after the production line to carry out various transport task. Particular design features here are robust spreader beams and sturdy magnets - also for use on hot material.

Figure 1: Magnet spreader beam in a steel mill

Areas of application

Typical areas of application are internal handling processes within the different stages of production, such as:
Lifting plates out of the annealing furnaces.
Continuous, reliable removal of plates from a non-stop production line.
Handling operations in the dispatch area.

Your benefits

  • One system for all formats – one size fits all!
  • No degradation of material during transport such as caused by mechanical lifting gear
  • Fewer accidents and increased safety
  • Faster handling
  • Higher storage density


TRUNINGER Design Features

Magnetic spreader beams that will be used in steel mills are designed to be particularly robust. The required spreader beam is always design according to its specific application.

Both spreader beams with fixed magnetic distances and extremely compact active telescopes are employed.

The design of the entire system can be redundant, i.e., starting with the magnet control system through the cable routes into the magnet, the system is designed redundantly.

Plate handling for a steel distributor

Quick pick-up and safe transport of material to store

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine efficient handling of steel plates other than by using suitably designed magnets.
Magnets, when properly guided, allow the load to be approached, picked, unloaded and transported to the storage location, quickly and reliably. With TRUNINGER magnet systems the lifting force can be finely adjusted so that even thin sheets can individually be selected and moved to different storage areas or working locations.

Figure 1: Order picking of plates

The process of separating steel plates is shown in the simplified diagram above (see figure 1). The lifting force is gradually reduced at magnet no. 1 (far left). As a result, any excess sheets picked up peels off from the stack in a controlled way. An unbeatable advantage compared to mechanical lifting devices.

High stacks – very compact storage

Fast, reliable and efficient handling of steel plates is just one of the benefits offered. Magnet systems also permit more compact storage in your warehouse.


  • No gaps required between plate stacks
  • No aisles required between plate stacks
  • No need to limit stack height to man height


  • You can store considerably more material within the same area
  • Average crane travel distances are shorter
  • This saves time thanks to less travel
  • And also save money!
Steel plate storage

A common and compact way of storing large quantities of same plates are horizontal stacks.

Horizontal plate stacks

Floor storage is simple in structure and does not require additional storage equipment. Thanks to the use of a magnet system, high stacking is no problem at all. Re-stacking the plates in mixed stacks is quick.

Two individual spreader beams each equipped with two magnets (see figure 2) represents the most efficient solution. The distance between the two independently controllable magnet groups can be adapted to match different plate lengths. Short plates or remnants can be lifted using one spreader beam only.

The spreader beam is never longer or wider than the load, which makes it easier to set down plates close to walls such as formed by high plate stacks or structures and side walls of lorries, railway wagons or ships.

Figure 2: Plate transport using two independent spreaders

The upper spreader beam's load balancing mechanism ensure the load to be evenly distributed among all magnets (see plate deflection in figure 2).

In warehouses storing a wide range of different materials, a space-saving alternative to horizontal stacks is

Vertical plate storage

Vertical plate storage is an other inspiring development of TRUNINGER. In contrast to horizontal stack storage additional structures are needed for storing the plates vertically. Such structures consist of upright racks densely arranged at a slight angle (see figure 3).
The plates are stored compactly in racks grade by grade.

Direct access to the plates is quick and easy. There is no need for re-stacking.

An unbeatable benefit in terms of time saved, storage density and related operational costs.

Figure 3: Picking plates out of a vertical plate stock

Other benefits of TRUNINGER magnet systems
  • Access to material from above with no pressure marks or damaged edges
  • Picking of individual plates and/or multiple loose plates according to demand
  • The entire system can be designed with built-in redundancy, i.e. from magnet controller to power supply line to the magnet itself, the system incorporates redundant components
  • Use of different spreader beams with a single magnet controller
  • Fast interchange of spreader beams using a TRUNINGER Quick ChangeTM system

Figure 4: Lifting multiple long, thin plates in a compact storage

Loading and clearing cutting machines

Increase Cutting Machine Throughput

Metal processing machines, such as flame cutters, are becoming increasingly capable of greater productivity and precision. Fast and precise placing of plates followed by quick clearing of the machine significantly increases overall performance and make the process more cost-effective.
TRUNINGER offers magnet systems specially designed for such applications.


Figure 1: Removal of a scrap frame from the flame cutting table in one crane cycle.

The use of magnet systems for loading and clearing flame cutting machines has become established around the globe. The fast, safe and efficient use of magnet systems has also other advantages.


  • High availability of the flame cutting machine
  • lift-off flame cut parts and scrap frame simultaneously
  • Separating flame cut parts from scrap frame
  • Plates fed to the machine directly from stock in one stroke
  • No manual hard work required

Your benefits

  • Highest production capacity
  • Faster handling saving time
  • Attractive workplace, increased safety, fewer accidents

Optimum Solutions for Big and Small

Magnet systems play a key role in shipyards. In the construction of large cruise ships time is crucial. 

TRUNINGER magnet systems provide optimum parts handling for automatic plasma cutting machines. Below, a special spreader beam with multiple round magnets feed a long, heavy plate onto the cutting machine table. After flame cutting, all cut parts and the scrap frame are picked in one lift and placed in a sorting zone. The plasma cutting machine is thus immediately ready to cut the next plate while in the sorting zone parts are cleared away using a second magnet system.

Special spreader beam for placing large plates on a cutting table; cut parts and scrap frame get cleared away in one lift

Figure 2: Special spreader beam for placing large plates on a cutting table; cut parts and scrap frame get cleared away in one lift

Efficient magnet solutions similar to the one described above are also available for smaller flame cutting works. Feel free to contact us for more details!


Figure 3: Magnetic lifting of cut-off parts and scrap frame all in one stroke


  • Vertical storage increases storage density and avoids re-stacking
  • Swivelling magnets adapt to different plate widths
  • Heat-resistant magnets allow handling of hot loads up to 600°C
  • Fine control of magnet lifting force for fast selection of defined quantities
  • Total redundancy for maximum safety


Lifting magnet systems and solutions for plates by TRUNINGER

Further fields of application

Beams and profiles

Beams and profiles

Beam storage in a confined space

Thin sheet

Thin sheet

Separate thin sheets gently and move them gently

Heavy plate

Heavy plate

Safe handling and efficient storage of heavy plates

Sheet metal coils

Sheet metal coils

Reliable and damage-free handling of sheet metal coils



Store pipes up to six meters high without intermediate layers

Bar steel

Bar steel

Handling steel bars intelligently and safely

Round steel

Round steel

Moving and depositing round steel efficiently

Reinforcing steel bars

Reinforcing steel bars

Increased productivity - handling reinforcing steel in one-man operation

Billets, slabs and beam blanks

Billets, slabs and beam blanks

Safe handling of billets, slabs and beam blanks



Robust, high-performance, reliable solutions